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YEAR2024 WAU Event

Updated: May 11

11th WAU Annual Celebration


At this event we will bring to you the African continent experience in one space. A night to highlight the importance of education, to celebrate our Union and showcase the African culture from fashion to food, music, and artifacts.

Theme: 'Today's Africa, Education is Key'


When:                          August 31st, 2024, 5:00 -10:30PM


Where:                         Hyatt Regency Wichita, 400 W. Waterman Street, Wichita, KS 67202


Individual Ticket Price:      $75


Special Table Price:         $800 for 8


Tickets are now available on WAU website, and at Roseline’s International Enterprise, 5025, E. 21st Street N., Wichita, Kansas 67208, (316) 682-7009.


Donations to WAU Scholarship Fund can be made via Zelle to Wichita African Union, Inc. using 316-461-8327 (make sure to include ‘Inc.’) or via Paypal to You may also drop off a check at Roseline's International at 5025 E. 21st Street N. or mail to Wichita African Union, Inc., P.O. Box 21126, Wichita, Kansas 67208. Scan the QR code below for more convenient options such as paying with ACH, Venmo or any card.

What to Expect at the Event: Scholarship Awards, silent Auction, Raffle, Fashion Show, Food featuring popular African dishes, Music, dance, displays of African Artifacts (on Country Safari Tables), a presentation on Africa and the African Diaspora today.

Wichita African Union, Inc. Email:, Phone: (316) 330-7130, Ext. 1001.

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