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A Kick Off to 2024 Event Fundraiser

Updated: May 11

We are excited to kick off our YR2024 Event Fundraiser with a $1,000 donation received May 3rd, 2024, from Mary Rager, member of WAU. This generous donation is dedicated to WAU Scholarship Fund. #EducationIsKey.

Wichita African Union Funfraiser Campaign, May 1 - August 31, 2024.


Wichita African Union, Inc. (WAU) is a Non-Profit organization by the African Diaspora in Wichita, Kansas. The following program activities are at the center of its mission: promoting educational excellence through scholarship awards to college and university students and mentorship of the youth, and outreach to the broader Wichita community and on the continent of Africa. All members of the organization, executive officers and the Board are volunteers.


Who is the beneficiary of the scholarships:

The scholarships are mostly given to international African students but includes some students from other marginalized communities. Schools are given criterion to go by in selecting recipients.  We have been giving four one-time scholarships per year on average. With enough money we can cover two semesters and possibly add one more recipient to make it five. The recipients are drawn from colleges and universities in Wichita and the nearby towns. A budget of $5,000/year would bring about tangible impact.


Why African International Students:

Because they pay out of state tuition and fees rates, they are not allowed to work off campus unless they get authorization although sometimes the jobs on campus are limited, they are usually limited to 20 work hours per week, most of the jobs are of minimum wage. Also, their needs go beyond just tuition and fees and board; they must adjust to the new climate and culture.

Majority of the members of WAU took the same path of coming here to study in pursuit of the American dream. It is because of this fact that we understand the need and the struggle. So, we are now extending our hand to those taking this journey today and others who may also need help.

We are encouraged by the impact we have seen from the education we ourselves received our and some members of our community. We would like to continue building a community with educated members who can contribute to the development of its community, economy of the state, the federal government, and the continent of Africa.

What else:

Our education efforts do not end with those going to school. We would like to do more with our outreach programs to include educational seminars for our community to help bring awareness on areas that we can adapt as a community to bring about stability and positive economic outcomes for families, the community and those around us. We want to hold workshops to help displaced African families and individuals assimilate into the American culture and to explore what else we can do to help the youth stay motivated about education and the future. We want to build leaders of tomorrow and a vibrant community. A budget of $5,000/year for outreach would get us started.


Budget Ask Total is $15,548:

Scholarships: $5,000

Education Outreach: $5,000

Overhead Expenses: $5,548/Year – It takes money to run programs and to exist.


How to donate:

Zelle to Wichita African Union, Inc. Phone (316) 461-8327

Mail Check to: Wichita African Union, Inc, P.O. Box 21126, Wichita, Kansas 67208, make checks payable to Wichita African Union, Inc. No donation is too small.

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